Russia has deployed a "radar shield" over the Caspian.

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Thu Feb 14, 2019 5:08 am

The Russian Defense Ministry launched the Caspian radar company in Kaspiisk, which was armed with new P-18RT radar stations, Izvestiya reports with reference to the Russian Defense Ministry.

Radar P-18RT is the newest modification of the P-18 meter radar range. According to the available information, the new radars are able to automatically detect targets at a height of several meters to tens of kilometers, calculate the coordinates of objects, determine their belonging and take them for tracking.

In addition, the P-18RT has the ability in real-time to direct aircraft and air defense systems to the target, as well as to find the electronic suppression means and transfer their coordinates to the command.

The defense department notes that the new station is not inferior in its capabilities to long-range radar detection aircraft.

Until recently, the Caspian flotilla was of secondary importance, and its armament was equipped with P-15 radar systems, which were produced for the Soviet army. However, after the carrier ships of the Caliber cruise missiles were sent to the Caspian, the flotilla acquired strategic importance and it needed better protection.
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