Trump trade moves chilling, could hurt US business: trade experts

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Trump trade moves chilling, could hurt US business: trade experts ... 06194.html

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Well I suppose the turn around in GDP and unemployment # are fales.
"Some trade officials". Have been encouraging zero trade protections for American workers for 25 years look where their advice got us.
Concider this the principle funding source for the federal government was supposed to be tariffs? That should give you a perspective of what the federal government primary responsibility should be and also how small in scope it should be.
The department of Education was created by Jimmy Carter but it existence is sacrosanct and to think of touching it would be a deceleration of civil war.

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Some countries have an advantage over other nations because
they have an asset other countries don't have.

No one goes to Haiti to buy new fighter jets.

US corn is cheaper than corn than grown in Kuwait because the USA
is bigger.

Should Canada increase tariffs on bananas from Nicaragua because
Nicaraguan bananas are cheaper?

Should Japan increase tariffs on oil from Saudi Arabia because
Saudi Arabian oil is cheaper?


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