Russia’s hybrid warfare in the form of its energy manoeuvers against Europe: How the EU and NATO can respond together?

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Sat Jun 16, 2018 5:48 am

Today’s dynamic security environment reinforces the need for NATO and the EU to adapt to a variety of threats and to anticipate the strategic risks and vulnerabilities in different security areas. For example, Russia’s maneuvers in the energy domain in Europe generate a range of strategic, operational and tactical vulnerabilities that both the EU’s and NATO’s Member States and partners are facing. As an important non-military element in the hybrid warfare toolbox, energy is used by Russia as part of a strategy to divide the EU, NATO and its neighborhood.

What are Russia’s energy maneuvers in Europe and how can the EU and NATO combine their efforts to confront them?
This Research Paper analyses how Russia is using energy to try and undermine Europe’s unity, in particular in the Eastern Partnership region, and suggests possible ways through which the EU and NATO can coordinate their efforts to reduce their Member States’ reliance on Russian energy sources.

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As much as I'm worried about several potential conflicts all over the globe, mostly around China's territorial ambitions, the Iran/Saudi Arabia/Turkey race towards being the dominant power in the Middle East, or the fact that Pakistan is extremely corrupt and unstable while having nuclear weapons and Islamist high ranked officials, I don't think that a real significant conflict will happen between Russia and the West. The West needs cheap gas, Russian space rocket engines, among other things like coal and steel, while Russia isn't going to stop buying European cars, food and medication. Hell, they're not going to stop buying Western real estate either, just look at where the Russians are investing : ... om-russia/

There will be lots of furious speeches over the Donbass, over sanctions or whatever, but there won't be any significant actions taken. Even Western political spheres are beginning to accept that Crimea is a part of Russia, and that their sanctions did hurt, but not enough to do any significant damage to the Russian economy. In fact, in some sectors, it had the opposite effects, as Western Europeans went to Russia to work there. Several European car brands and lots of French cheeses are being produced in Russia now, which means that the Russians got back what they lost from the sanctions and won't be importing European stuff anymore should the sanctions be lifted. So, in a couple years, things will be back to normal between Russia and Western Europe. The USA? I don't know about them, but I'm fairly confident in what I'm saying about Europe.

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