Americas ICBM LGM-30G Minuteman III exceeds 47 years of service

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In April of this year, US ICBMs LGM-30G Minuteman III exceeded 47 years of service, Military Parity reported referring to (June 29).

Since 1970, these missiles are the basis of the ground component of US strategic nuclear forces. Currently, work is underway to extend the operation to 2030 under the Programmed Depot Maintenance (PMD) program. In the course of routine missiles, the rocket is extracted from the mine and sent to a special center, where it undergoes a thorough examination, in particular, corrosion is removed.

Initially, it was calculated that the warranty service life of the rocket would be only 10 years, but these calculations were changed due to regular testing and testing of technical condition. In service there are still more than 400 ICBMs of this type. Currently, the US is working on the creation of new generation ICBMs for their replacement. ... -pvV-rj43A
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