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Russia Accuses The US Of Stoking INF Missile Fears With New Cruise Missile Test.

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 8:04 pm
by rudemarine ... ssile-test
The Kremlin on Tuesday claimed the US test of a ground-launched cruise missile was evidence that Washington, not Moscow, intentionally sabotaged a Cold War arms control treaty banning such weapons.
And for the last 20 years they haven't? It should be legal to punch these Russian idiots whenever they say dumb crap like this. We are not the ones who built all new missiles for their Land and Sea based nuclear deterrent and We have not put one nuclear capable missile in Europe while they decided to move the INF busting Novator missiles into Kaliningrad almost causing the US to strike them with B-2s and starting WW3 in the process.

At least we think that is why our bombers went airborne all at once that night and theirs went up as a reaction to seeing ours headed their way. Their missiles had just been spotted in north Poland so that is our best guess, for now anyhow. Maybe some secret squirrel will tell us different some day.