The world is a dangerous place, and nuclear war isn't the only threat.
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I don't think this thread belongs in the Terrorism category but I will chime in. I think it is good to have a minimum amount of preparations, but the dynamics involved in a true crisis would steer me away from stockpiling huge amounts of goods. My property (Where I live) includes a water source (pond) with fish, and adequate space to grow plenty of food. The problem is the adjacent population would most likely rob, lute, take, burn or use anything I have stockpiled. Even if a person has weapons as a deterrence, most people could not defend against a massive amount of people. Therefore my prepping is based on being mobile. I have a long term back pack crammed with everything from handheld radios to food and shelter, to a short term hunting backpack with shorter range radios and short term supplies. I have a tri-band programmable hand held, that I can use to communicate with all my radios in both backpacks if I need to give the smaller backpack to friends or family members.
I put it here because it somewhat had to do with terrorists targeting our power grid, I wasnt too sure where to put it, so I put it here
We wont know who shot first or who won, but we will know how bad the fallout is going to be

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