Poll: DEFCON Tweets - Too many, too few, or just enough?

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DEFCON Tweets - Too many, too few, or just enough?

Too many tweets! Pull it back.
No votes
Too few tweets! Need more information.
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Just the right amount. What is needed, but not what isn't needed.
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Sun Aug 18, 2019 11:05 pm

Our policy has always been to tweet out information you need to know, but not to bother you with irrelevant tweets just to drive up follower numbers. (Tweet spamming)

Personally, it really "grinds my gears" when I see others who spam out the most irrelevant tweets just to look like they are on the cutting edge of information. It always looked like they were just trolling for followers rather than presenting real news.

How many "intelligence groups" (and I use the phrase very liberally) relished on making the last "crisis" into way more than it was just to stoke fear -- and of course drive numbers to their Twitter?

We prided ourselves in keeping a level head during the latest flareup between India and Pakistan. And Korea. And name any other recent crisis which others labelled the End Of The World.

This is why we're very good at what we do. We know when it's a real crisis and when it is a made-up one.

Okay, enough soapboxing.

What we want to know is how you feel about our Tweets on Twitter.

Are we giving you enough information? Should we be doing more?

Are we doing too much?

Or do you think we're doing just the right amount? Information when needed, but not overwhelming with information you don't really need?

Take our poll and give us your thoughts!

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