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Mon Jul 08, 2019 2:28 am

In the first half of new book, “The Pentagons Brain”

It is about the origins and history of DARPA.
It’s amazing how it was set up and actually worked to achieve its mandate.

It is run outside the chain of command and paperwork of the DOD and Congress.

They are given an area of concern to study and that’s it.
Very high success rate with successful projects.

And some dark ones as well.

Tells the story of the detonation of Castle Bravo in the Marshall Islands.
Was projected to be a 6.5 megaton explosion and it just kept going for over sixty seconds. Was the first hydrogen bomb test I believe.
Anyway one scientist on the command ship 60 miles at sea forgot his welding goggles when it was time. He had to turn his back on the explosion and in doing so he watched the faces of everyone else. When the gamma burst reached the ship he immediately saw that their faces changed. The intensity and composition of particles reaching them. He was able to see their cheek and brow ridge bones in their faces as well as the jaw bone and teeth.
Imagine going to bed with that image seared into your brain.