Donbass Deputy Defense Minister: Kiev to Kill Finnish Journalists, Blame Donbass

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Fri Feb 17, 2017 7:56 am

"The Ukrainian party is preparing a bloody provocation with participation of foreign and Ukrainian journalists so that to fabricate a charge with a shelling against the Donetsk People's Republic. The revealed action is to be carried out near Donetsk, reported the Vice-Commander of the Republic's Operational Command, Eduard Basurin ... 'According to our information, a group of Finnish journalists arrived at a strong point of the 79th AFU separate assault brigade stationed near Peski locality. Command of the 79th AFU separate assault brigade together with SBU representatives intend to arrange a provocation during these journalists’ visit to the contact line, for the world community to mold a negative attitude to Donbass defenders' ... 'According to the plan developed by Ukrainian military and intelligence agencies (which was obtained from the headquarters deployed near Netailovo locality), the reporters' team is to come under fire pre-organized by Ukrainian military. As a result of this planned provocation, foreign journalists should get either killed, or wounded. At the same time, a shooting team of the Ukrainian TV channel 1+1 will be present nearby and immediately make and share a report on journalists coming under fire with consequent casualties. At that, a number of statements are planned to be made by Ukrainian politicians against this background' ... The Command of the Donetsk People's Republic's Armed Forces appeals to the Kiev regime not to execute this already revealed provocation and save the lives of Finnish journalists on the Ukrainian side. 'In this regard, we urge Ukrainian authorities not to commit crimes which will be still proved. Besides, we draw attention of all the foreign journalists to this deadly prospective and ask them to exercise the highest possible caution with observance of all security measures. All the risky visits should be made only in the presence of the AFU command structure's representatives, the lives of which are appreciated in that environment more than yours,' said Basurin" ... r-commmand
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