Vladimir Putin’s party loses A THIRD of seats in Moscow election bloodbath after brutal crackdown on democracy protests

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Mon Sep 09, 2019 5:34 pm

VLADIMIR Putin’s United Russia party has sensationally lost a THIRD of its seats in Moscow in a local election bloodbath.

Sunday’s poll was one of the most closely watched regional elections in years after many opposition candidates were excluded triggering the capital’s biggest protests in nearly a decade.

The vote was seen by outspoken opposition politician Alexei Navalny and his allies as an opportunity to make inroads against United Russia ahead of the 2021 national election.

Protests erupted in mid-July after the Central Election Commission refused to register a large number of opposition candidates, saying they had failed to collect enough signatures from genuine backers.

The excluded candidates, including allies of Navalny, slammed the move claiming it was designed to stop them winning seats in Moscow’s parliament.

Navalny advised his supporters to vote tactically across Russia for the candidate with the best chance of defeating Putin’s party.


In a sign that United Russia is losing ground in Moscow, the party did not officially nominate a single candidate for the Moscow City Duma and all of its members ran as independents, playing down their ties to the party.

Thousands have been arrested in protests in recent weeks which saw riot police wearing balaclavas to shield themselves from facial recognition technology, reports The Guardian.

And in an example of how divisive Russia's politics has become, the country's elections head, Ella Pamfilova, was assaulted at her home with an electric shock gun shortly before the polls opened, it has been reported.
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