Military and industrialists discussed the creation of long-range missiles for Iskander-M

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Fri May 19, 2017 9:05 pm

Representatives of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, headed by Lieutenant-General Mikhail Matveyevsky, head of the Missile Forces and Artillery, and the defense industry discussed prospects for strengthening the combat capabilities of the Iskander-M missile system by creating new types of missiles, the Russian Defense Ministry said.
The meeting of the Chief of the Missile Forces and Artillery with the representatives of the military-industrial complex was held, at which the questions of increasing the combat capabilities of the Iskander-M complex were discussed, by creating new types of missiles, increasing the range and accuracy of the use of missiles used in the missile complex of the Ground Forces, The report said.
The collection was held in the Moscow region from May 16 to 19. Also there were trainings of the teachers of the Mikhailovsky Military Artillery Academy and the 60th training center for the combat use of the Missile Forces of the Ground Forces.
"The participants of the assembly activities improved their skills in planning the application and information support of the Iskander-M complex.The specialists practically worked out the issues of constructing high-altitude programs for the effective use of high-precision long-range ground-based weapons with the aim of successfully destroying the facilities of the conventional enemy," the report said.

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