Military attache at the Russian embassy in Minsk was asked to leave Belarus

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Thu Oct 03, 2019 11:55 am

The military attache at the Russian embassy in Minsk was asked to leave Belarus on suspicion of espionage, reported the online newspaper Nasha Niwa behind sources. The Belarus Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not comment. According to the embassy, ​​the diplomat "ended his delegation."
More information on the expulsion of Roman Spiridonov's military attaché appeared on Wednesday during the day on the popular and usually well-informed Harbatsevich profile in the Telegram messenger.

"Some also suggest that he was expelled for activities contrary to the status of diplomat. Anyway, it's hard to call him a diplomat - he is a professional intelligence worker who ended his job in France with a spy scandal and has the title of Russian Hero, "wrote Harbatsevich.

the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not comment on the matter. The Russian embassy confirmed that Spiridonov no longer works for her, however, as the reason for his trip to his homeland, she said "the end of the delegation".

An anonymous diplomat said in the Interfax-West agency that the expulsion information was untrue. In turn, the sources of the independent "Nasz Niwy" state that the military diplomat was expelled and that it was actually connected with suspicions of espionage activity.

"Nasz Niwa" also quotes several facts from Spiridonow's professional life, including that he fought in Chechnya, where he heroically led the unit out of the trap and was awarded the state order for it.

When he worked as a diplomat in France, the media associated him with a scandal around the far-right politician Marine Le Pen, who received financial support from Russia. To Belarus - the newspaper writes - Spiridonov came together with the former ambassador Mikhail Babicz, who also no longer works in Minsk. ... zpiegostwo