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The municipality of Nynäshamn is one of two municipalities in the county that will participate in a project that the Migration Board is involved in. The purpose of the project is to increase the community's preparedness for a new sharp increase in asylum seekers and migrants.
The project is run by the Migration Board and participating municipalities in the county are Nynäshamn and Stockholm. The reason why the municipality of Nynäshamn was asked to participate is the municipality's location by the sea.

A large increase in migrants across the Baltic Sea would probably affect Nynäshamn. By participating in the project, we increase our ability and also create the conditions for coping with other similar situations that require extraordinary community intervention, ”says Elin Giotis, community planner Nynäshamn municipality.
During the two-year project period, a national contingency plan shall be prepared. It will include, among other things, a model for a so-called "early-warning system" which indicates increased number of migrants, template for uniform location picture and information sharing structure for increased number of migrant

Other participants in the project are county administrative boards, businesses, regions, voluntary organizations and central authorities. The total defense research institute (FOI) and the Swedish Agency for Social Protection and Emergency Preparedness (MSB) will be involved during the project period

https://www.nynashamn.se/Nyheter/Nyhets ... ojekt.html