Protect your devices from an EMP attack

Thoughts, suggestions, and advice on what to do if the unthinkable happens.
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An EMP attack is not likely, but it is one of the few attacks that are easy to prepare for just in case.The best thing to do is surround your devices with metal. Wrap your satellite phone, a cheap laptop, your flashlight in Plastic, rubber, or cloth, followed by at least three layers of Aluminum Foil, and put it in a small metal trash can or something like that. If you want to skip the can then wrap it in 5-8 layers. Also wrap a solar charger or crank charger that will work with your devices. What about your car? Well, for most EMP attacks your car should be fine. It might take an hour to a day for it to cool off but most vehicles will be protected from electric pulses. If you REALLY suspect an attack, you should consider printing out some of your important papers, and wrapping some extra flash drives and batteries.

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more like protect my eyes 8-) wow that green
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Microwave ovens make for excellent EMP protection. Put your cell phone in the microwave and close the door. Then call it. If it doesn't ring, it should be protected from EMP. If it does, the microwave you're using may be leaking radiation and you should have it checked.
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