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Sat Mar 05, 2016 1:52 am

Zanting wrote:3442 USB?

No no, 3442 isn't a frequency. It was "Andrews to Cowboy 3442" Cowboy 3442 was the callsign. They talked about someone waiting on a land line for something, then Cowboy 3442 answered back with something about how they had to wait until 1800 hours. The after a minute or so Andrews said cancel whatever they were talking about.

It was odd for sure. Whatever it was, it was most certainly NOT an EAM. It was like some normal conversation, nothing coded.

It was literally like, YO COWBOY 3442, THIS IS ANDREWS, PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE. Oh, we can't the Cap is in the crapper, you're gonna have to wait till 6pm your time, about 10 more minutes. Cowboy 3442, this is Andrews, forget it.

It seemed they wanted to talk over the phone but no one was answering so they resorted to HF.

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