DEFCON Warning System Desktop App v2.0

Important information from the DEFCON Warning System
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The DEFCON Warning System Desktop App 2.0

This app will poll the DEFCON Warning System website for the current alert code and display an icon on your desktop. If the alert code is upgraded (5 to 4, 4 to 3, etc.), it will sound an tone and display a pop-up alerting you to the change.

This app has been tested on Windows 7, 8, and 10. It should run on Vista and will likely run on XP. We don't know about Windows 98, nor do we know anyone who still uses that.

To install the app, just place it in any directory you wish. Don't place it in protected directories like Program Files or anything like that. Windows will complain about that and not let it run.

When you first run the app, we strongly recommend that you run it with Administrator Privileges (for Windows versions that allow that). You will need Admin privileges to set the App to run automatically as opposed to manually having to start it each time you power on your computer.

When you first run the App, it will create a small settings.ini file. DO NOT MODIFY THIS FILE! It controls what files are checked by the app as well as how often. The app is set to poll the website for the alert code every ten minutes. This is more than adequate. If you set it to poll faster, it will stress our servers and we will block you from the server. So again, do not modify the settings.ini files.

The app will place a widget on the desktop and a small tray icon which both show the current DEFCON status. You can move the widget by left-clicking and dragging it to anywhere on the screen.

If you right-click on the tray icon, it will bring up a menu with the following items:

- Display Widget: This will bring the desktop widget back should it be accidentally hidden. (Windows 8 loves to do this.)

- Pop-Up Alert: Toggle the pop-up alert on and off.

- Alert tone: Toggle the alert tone on an off.

- Autorun on windows start: Click this to set the app to automatically run on Windows startup. You may need Administrator Privileges in later versions of Windows for this to work, otherwise you'll get an error message. You will only need Administrator Privileges to change this setting. You do not need Administrator Privileges for normal operation.

- Version updated: This item will turn on (not be greyed-out) if a new version of the DEFCON Warning System Desktop App is available.

- About: Displays app version and copyright.

- Exit: Exits the app.

Right clicking on the Widget brings up a small menu.

- Hide: Hides the Widget.

- Exit: Exits the app.

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