RF: Russian Interest in Talk with NATO May "Vanish," Along with "Best Guarantee" of NATO Security

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Re: RF: Russian Interest in Talk with NATO May "Vanish," Along with "Best Guarantee" of NATO Security

by Obreid » Sun Feb 19, 2017 6:35 am

The concept of a peaceful transition of power in America is quickly becoming a myth as well the protest and rabid demands for Trump to be removed by any means possible.
My wife had a girl friend ask her why the deplorables are so angery. She responded have you been watching the news and social media since the inauguration? The question escaped reasoning and the conversation ended on that note.

Re: RF: Russian Interest in Talk with NATO May "Vanish," Along with "Best Guarantee" of NATO Security

by Navarro » Sun Feb 19, 2017 1:05 am

krzepice1976 wrote:When check http://docs.house.gov/meetings/AS/AS00/ ... 160210.pdf
You will a problem...
The problem I see differs from the one you do.
"The Kremlin's objectives are clear: 1) Retain President Putin's position as the leader of the Russian Federation, preserving the autocratic political system and mafia-style crony economy that together comprise 'Putinism'"
The problem is ideologues blinded by the narrow vision of their ideology. You cannot understand a situation if your assessment begins with preconceptions resulting from a lifetime of conditioning, exposure to propaganda, and consistently accepting that propaganda as truth. Terms like "autocratic" and "mafia" belongs in propaganda, but it doesn't belong in an internal government assessment. One must perceive the situation cleanly, or they will be prone to erroneous assumptions as well as disregarding of vital facts which contradict those erroneous assumptions - their ideology.
"Divergent policies regarding democracy and sovereignty have become a greater obstacle to cooperative bilateral relations as the Kremlin implements its agenda. The United States advocates for democracies where civil society checks the powers of the state, and supports the rights of citizens to turn out their despots and vote in new leaders. Putin is incensed by Arab springs and European color revolutions; his latest military operation in Syria aims to protect the dictator from the people he has gassed, barrel bombed and forced to flee en masse.
What you observe, will ultimately be the downfall of the United States, and of the western order as a whole. The people making the assessments no longer understand what they're assessing. Their lifetime of conditioning has left them "understanding" the world as a fairy tale. When our ancestors would suffer a great natural catastrophe, like a flood, they concluded that it had been the will of the gods, and they were being punished for some form of sin. The situation today among USIC bares great similarity. In the above quote, the action and the reaction is inverted to fit the narrative the writer has been conditioned to believe. The people who "the dictator" "gassed, barrel bombed and forced to flee" were US-backed "moderate rebels" acting to overthrow the Syrian government. America supports, equips and cooperates with opposition forces for the purpose of replacing the government with pro-western leadership which will submit to America's hegemony. Prior to the US-backed and orchestrated revolution in Syria, Ukraine and other nations, what was life like there? Is it better there now? Is this really about installing "democracy" and defeating "dictators" when the governments being overthrown were democratically elected? It's interesting that America advocates a "peaceful transition of power" in America, but not in countries where the democratically elected leaders aren't in-line with America's goals. Is America's ally in Saudi Arabia, an Absolute Monarchy, also known as a dictatorship, fighting the democratically elected government in Syria, in order to install democracy? Does that make sense?

Also, in that same quote, we see where the writer remarks that America "advocates for democracies where civil society checks the powers of the state." Again, this isn't true. The US media and education system works to shape the public into being supportive of the government's activities. This is achieved through a lifetime of intense conditioning and propaganda. The US government then "checks" the people, not the other way around. The average citizen doesn't even comprehend the implications of the Electoral College. People think "their vote counts" and sometimes worry about "voter fraud," when the truth is that the "popular vote" is only a recommendation to the Electoral College. The people don't vote for the president, about five-hundred individuals appointed by the government choose the next president. Meanwhile, the intense conditioning and propaganda from the media and educations system leave the population so brainwashed that they'll generally approve of the government's activities and those who have been elected to "represent" them. Trump recently remarked that if he were to sink that Russian vessel recently reported off the East Coast, this would be regarded by most very positively. Starting a war with Russia, killing Russians, sinking Russian ships, it would be a good thing, to the minds of the electorate. Trump's absolutely right, because the people have been brainwashed and conditioned by the media and liberal education system into such inclinations. They're truly unthinking, because the government and the order overall has endeavored to make them that way.

People are beginning to realize that something's wrong, and that they're being lied to. They're not informed or intelligent enough to understand the implications however. At least not yet. The "analysts" in government writing reports as the one you linked to are the furthest from "getting it." They indeed perceive not the true nature of the world, but the fairy tale they've been conditioned and brainwashed into believing. That's an extremely dangerous situation, and it's absolutely foolish that the United States government, and the western order has allowed such a circumstance to take place. If they don't understand what they're doing, if they're interpreting the situation extremely wrongly, as they are, then there's a severe risk of miscalculation. That miscalculation may lead to the destruction of the American Empire, and the major empires of the western order as a whole. The history books of the future will remember this disastrous mistake, right alongside the mistakes of the other great empires which lead to their downfalls. Rome. Britain. Nazi Germany. America. It is imminent, because the people in positions to correct these mistakes, to put intelligent and correctly informed people in analytical positions and positions of leadership, to prevent the destruction of the American Empire and western order, also believe in fairy tales, granted far fewer than most. I'll compare this to some years back when Britain requested that America remind it how to construct the "fog hat" component of nuclear weapons. Secrecy and compartmentalization had lead to the UK "forgetting" how to construct that component, because that knowledge died with those few who knew how.

The American and western governments have forgotten how precisely the game is played, what precisely the game is, the true nature of their adversaries, and the true nature of the world overall. They've also forgotten where true analysts and true talent comes from, which leaves them operating in the dark, chasing ghosts. This will be the empire's destruction.

Re: RF: Russian Interest in Talk with NATO May "Vanish," Along with "Best Guarantee" of NATO Security

by krzepice1976 » Sat Feb 18, 2017 9:15 pm

RF: Russian Interest in Talk with NATO May "Vanish," Along with "Best Guarantee" of NATO Security

by Navarro » Fri Feb 17, 2017 5:41 am

"Russia believes dialogue with NATO is useful but will lose any interest in it if it yields no results, Russia’s Permanent Representative to NATO Alexander Grushko said ... 'NATO believes that it is necessary to maintain dialogue. I think it stems from the fact that they have realized the danger of having no communications channels with us' ... 'It is fraught with risks when two biggest factors determining the security situation in Europe have no contacts' ... 'if it yields no points of contact, no impetus for the resumption of cooperation, interest to such dialogue might vanish in the long run' ... The best guarantee of NATO countries’ security is healthy relations with Russia, Grushko reiterated ... Russia is reinforcing its force in the south and in Crimea in response to NATO’s increased presence in that region, Russia’s permanent representative to NATO explained: 'We have already taken additional response steps to reinforce our groups in the south. We are rearming our group in Crimea. Naturally, we will take all necessary measures to duly ensure Russia’s interests in this region' ... 'The decision to increase NATO’s naval presence in the Black Sea is, in any case, yet another step towards escalating tensions in the regions of vital importance for Russia'"

Something changed. Specifically, the United States announced that it would not repeal its sanctions which are crippling the Russian economy, and America also demanded that Russia cede Crimea. Russia now recognizes that America will not discontinue its adversarial foreign policy, previously hinted to them by Trump's "safe zones." CW2 has resumed. The was the motivation behind Russia's recent major exercises, strategic bomber dry runs and the buzzing of the USS Porter. The Bear has roared in acknowledgement of America's renewed challenge to Russia.