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This is the DEFCON Warning System. Alert status for 8  P.M. Friday, August 1st, 2014. Condition Green. DEFCON 5. Condition Green. DEFCON 5. Condition Green. DEFCON 5.

There are currently no imminent nuclear threats against the United States at this time.

Russia has successfully tested the next generation of ballistic missile interceptors while both Russian and American lawmakers have proposed backing away from the START arms control pact, with the United States House of Representatives passing legislation that would deny Defense Department funding to carry out treaty-mandated arms reductions. Meanwhile, reports are coming in that Russia is beginning to field the Iskander-K cruise missile in violation of arms control agreements.

The Defense Committee of the United Kingdom reports that NATO is unprepared to deal with a military threat from Russia and that the alliance's command and control structures are seriously deficient.  Additionally, an independent panel appointed by the Pentagon reported that the United States strategy for sizing the armed services is too weak for modern global threats. Contrarywise, Russia is to reopen a listening post in Cuba as relations with Cuba continue to re-warm while relations with the United States deteriorate. Monitors of Russian media report that Russian propaganda against the United States have reached wartime levels.

While much attention has been paid to activities in the Ukraine region, The DEFCON Warning System continues to see this as a regional conflict with little possibility of U.S. involvement. Nevertheless, there have been some developments that have been noted such as shelling by Russian forces as well as the U.S. taking a slightly more active role in the area. We will continue to monitor the area, however we feel that the situation will ultimately play itself out with no direct involvement by the United States.

China has conducted what the United States is calling an anti-satellite missile test. China has reported the system simply to be defense against ballistic missiles, however it is widely speculated that China has been making significant strides in space warfare as opposed to the United States which has currently abandoned significant space research as well as defense against more modern warfare.

The Middle East situation will take a more serious turn in the coming years as terrorists have begun directly targeting nuclear reactors in Israel and France.

The DEFCON Warning System is a private enterprise which monitors world events and assesses nuclear threats against the United States by national entities. It is not affiliated with any government agency and does not represent the alert status of any military branch. The public should make their own evaluations and not rely on the DEFCON Warning System for any strategic planning. At all times, citizens are urged to learn what steps to take in the event of a nuclear attack.

If this had been an actual attack, the DEFCON Warning System will give radiation readings for areas that are reported to it. Your readings will vary. This system serves northern Stevens County, Washington and Hutchinson County, Texas. Official news sources will have radiation readings for your area.

For immediate updates, go to Breaking news and important information can be found on the DEFCON Warning System message board and on the DEFCON Twitter feed DEFCONWS. You may also subscribe to the YouTube channel DefconWarningSystem and the DEFCON Warning System mailing list.  Note that Twitter and YouTube updates may be subject to delays. The next scheduled update is 8 P.M. Pacific Time, September 1st, 2014. Additional updates will be made as the situation warrants, with more frequent updates at higher alert levels.

This concludes this broadcast of the DEFCON Warning System.

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